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White Parasol (2008)

piano solo, 8′

  • White Parasol was written in reaction to a 2008 BBC news article about the major loss of shelf-ice in Canada’s High Arctic:

    “Loss of ice in the Arctic, and in particular the extensive sea-ice, has global implications. The ‘white parasol’ at the top of the planet reflects energy from the Sun straight back out into space, helping to cool the Earth.  Further loss of Arctic ice will see radiation absorbed by darker seawater and snow-free land, potentially warming the Earth’s climate at an even faster rate than current observational data indicates.”

  • 02/17/10 | Ian Dicke in San Francisco, California | Kaleidoscope Free Speech Zone
    Kate Campbell, piano
    02/19/10 | Ian Dicke in Brooklyn, New York | Galapagos Art Space
    Kate Campbell, piano
    04/02/10 | Ian Dicke in San Francisco, California | New Keys Concert Series, Community Music Center
    Kate Campbell, piano
    01/29/11 | Ian Dicke in Princeton, New Jersey | Westminster Choir College
    Kate Campbell, piano
    12/16/14 | Ian Dicke in Los Angeles, California | REDCAT
    Aron Kallay, piano
    05/04/15 | Ian Dicke in Seoul, Seodaemun-gu | Ewha Woman’s University
    Jung-Hyun Yoon, piano
    11/06/15 | Ian Dicke in Kearney, Nebraska | University of Nebraska, Kearney
    Karl Larson, piano
    06/12/16 | Ian Dicke in Seoul, Seocho-gu | Dulwich College Seoul
    Jung-Hyun Yoon, piano