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Two Takes Three (2011)

clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano, 5’30

  • commissioned by REDSHIFT

    Two Takes Three (2011) was commissioned by the REDSHIFT ensemble. The title refers to two metric beats occupying or “taking” the space of three. This rhythmic motive permeates much of the work, along with contrasting sections of lyrical melodic lines. Two Takes Three also alludes to the pianist’s two hands that interact with the three remaining melodic instruments in a playful dialogue of developing variation.

  • 12/09/11 | Ian Dicke in San Francisco, California | Old First Church
    REDSHIFT Ensemble
    12/15/11 | Ian Dicke in New York, New York | The Gershwin Hotel
    REDSHIFT Ensemble
    03/10/13 | Ian Dicke in Nyack, New York | Grace Church
    REDSHIFT Ensemble
    05/24/14 | Ian Dicke in Berkeley, California | Berkeley Arts Festival
    Doug Machiz, cello, Paul Miller, clarinet,
    Kevin Rogers, violin, Ian Scarfe, piano
  • Two Takes Three

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