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Outside the Easy Sway of Either-Or (2007)

two channel stereo playback, 4′

Outside the Easy Sway of Either-Or is a musical and visual exploration on the human desire to create imaginary boundaries. We rely on these false spaces to bring order into our lives and balance of the mind. This work rejects the evenness of it all. Through the use of transparent textures, fluid movements, and a sense of cyclical and ritualistic time, the defined lines of the modern world become blurred. The audience enters a world that was happening before they arrived and continues long after they are gone.

Visually, the dance is based in part on Fragonard’s 18th c. painting “The Swing.”  A woman is surrounded by impressionistic trees that vanish around her. Her breath is full. She kicks off her shoe in an erotic gesture, which further serves as a point of suspension and boundary crossing.