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Get Rich Quick (2009)

piano and electronics, 10’30

  • Dear Friend,

    In less than one year, I’ve been able to amass a personal net worth of over one million dollars. And I did so using a unique formula that’s been proven successful week after week—month after month with no signs of slowing down.

    I know this sounds crazy—but it’s not.

    This formula is not a scheme or a scam…and this has nothing to do with anything you’d be ashamed to be involved in. I’m not misleading you in any way. The claims I’m making are factual and they are all based on my personal experience.

    Just pay those bills when it comes in!

  • 02/04/10 | Ian Dicke in Huntsville, Alabama | UA Huntsville New Music Festival
    Kathryn Fouse, piano
    03/06/10 | Ian Dicke in Huntington, West Virginia | SCI National Conference, Marshall University
    Alanna Cushing, piano
    05/05/10 | Ian Dicke in Sydney, New South Wales | ISCM World New Music Days, Sydney Conservatorium of Music
    Kerry Yong, piano
    01/18/11 | Ian Dicke in Birmingham, Alabama | University of Alabama at Birmingham
    Kathryn Fouse, piano
    04/29/11 | Ian Dicke in San Antonio, Texas | San Antone Cafe and Concerts
    Luke Gullickson, piano Molly Emerman, violin, Steve Parker, trombone
    10/28/11 | Ian Dicke in San Francisco, California | Salle Pianos
    Anthony Porter, piano
    06/09/12 | Ian Dicke in Harrison, Maine | Deertrees Theatre and Cultural Center
    Juventas New Music Ensemble
    06/26/13 | Ian Dicke in New York, New York | Mannes College of Music
    Melinda Faylor, piano
    03/02/14 | Ian Dicke in San Francisco, California | San Francisco Conservatory of Music
    Hot Air Music Festival
    Regina Schaffer, piano
    05/02/14 | Ian Dicke in Santa Monica, California | The Miles Playhouse
    Hear Now Festival
    Aron Kallay, piano
    05/20/14 | Ian Dicke in Riverside, California | The Culver Center
    Regina Schaffer, piano
    04/07/15 | Ian Dicke in Birmingham, Alabama | Samford University
    Kathryn Fouse, piano
    04/17/15 | Ian Dicke in Saint Paul, Minnesota | Landmark Center
    Keith Kirchoff, piano
    American Composers Forum Showcase
    05/03/15 | Ian Dicke in Toronto, Ontario | Canadian Music Centre Performance Space
    Joseph Ferretti, piano
    Junctqin Keyboard Collective
    07/25/15 | Ian Dicke in Pasadena, California | Boston Court Performing Arts Center
    People Inside Electronics – Man on a Wire
    Aron Kallay, piano
    11/26/15 | Ian Dicke in Waterloo, Ontario | Wilfrid Laurier University
    Joseph Ferretti, piano
    12/01/15 | Ian Dicke in San Antonio, Texas | University of Texas at San Antonio
    Trevin Roming, piano
    01/15/16 | Ian Dicke in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro | Oi Futuro Ipanema
    Kai Schumacher, piano
    01/16/16 | Ian Dicke in Consolação, São Paulo | Teatro Sesc Anchieta
    Kai Schumacher, piano
    03/12/16 | Ian Dicke in Kearney, Nebraska | University of Nebraska, Kearney
    UNK New Music Festival
    Thomas Prentice, piano
    04/04/16 | Ian Dicke in Kearney, Nebraska | University of Nebraska, Kearney
    Thomas Prentice, piano
    05/21/16 | Ian Dicke in Knoxville, Tennessee | University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    NACUSA National Conference
    Sung Eun Park, piano
    12/17/16 | Ian Dicke in Dortmund | Orchesterzentrum
    Kai Schumacher, piano
    05/15/17 | Ian Dicke in London | Iklectik Creative Space
    Brian Mark, piano
    07/16/17 | Ian Dicke in Belgium | Conservatorium Gent / School of Arts Gent
    Ward De Vleeschhouwer, piano
    10/27/17 | Ian Dicke in Drongen | Oude Abdij Drongen
    Ward De Vleeschhouwer, piano
    11/20/17 | Ian Dicke in San Diego, California | Bread & Salt
    Fresh Sound Concert Series
    Vicky Chow, piano
    12/08/17 | Ian Dicke in Detroit, Michigan | Detroit Institute of Arts
    Vicky Chow, piano
    01/19/18 | Ian Dicke in Duisburg | Folkwang Universität Der Künste
    Saya Kishimoto, piano
    02/03/18 | Ian Dicke in Claremont, California | Pomona College
    Aron Kallay, piano
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