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Flash Mob (2011)

wind ensemble, 7’30

  • commissioned by a grant from the Atlantic Coast Conference Band Directors Association (Boston College, Clemson University, Duke University, Florida State University, Georgia Tech, University of Maryland, University of Miami, University of North Carolina, North Carolina State University, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest University)

    Flash Mob (2011) is inspired by the recent trend of large crowd performance art mobilized by social media. In a typical flash mob, participants organized through email, Facebook, or Twitter unsuspectingly converge on a public area and breakout into an unusual or entertaining activity. In 2006, nearly 4000 people silently danced in subway stations throughout London while wearing headphones connected to portable music devices. The first “international flash mob” on record took place in 2008 as thousands of participants in over 25 cities took part in the world’s largest pillow fight. The surreal experiences generated by flash mobs challenge the traditional boundaries between artist and audience and increase social media’s influence on art in the 21st century.

  • 10/03/12 | Ian Dicke in Chapel Hill, North Carolina | University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill
    UNC Wind Ensemble, Evan Feldman, conductor
    04/06/15 | Ian Dicke in Austin, Texas | University of Texas at Austin
    UT Wind Symphony
    Robert Carnochan, conductor
    04/19/16 | Ian Dicke in Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Lousiana State University
    LSU Symphonic Winds
    Dennis Llinás, conductor
  • Flash Mob

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